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Generational Leadership – Managing Multiple Generations

Thursday, May 28, 2020

8:30am – 4:30pm

Generational differences between yourself, those you lead, and those you report to are an increasingly important aspect of supervision in the workplace. The distinct approaches of different generational mindsets can also play out in relationships within the workplace. For the first time, we’re seeing four distinct generations working side by side creating opportunities for connections and disconnections based on preferences. Each generation comes with its own values, approaches, attitudes and work ethics, creating a unique challenge for managers and employees alike.

Are you ready for supervising the past, current and next generation simultaneously? Do you understand how to relate to those generations above and below you in the agency and community? In this training we will explore differences between the four workforce generations and how to build bridges between them to create a productive work team.

Participants will explore the differences and find commonality between the various workforce generations in the workplace and how to support and encourage them to be effective in the workplace. Participants will identify key time periods and moments in history with specific generations that will help provide understanding about specific values. They will learn strategies to connect with all employees to improve productivity within their organization.

This class will involve hands on activities coupled with group interaction and role play scenarios. Students will receive best practices to improve productivity in the workplace that can be implemented immediately.


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Rock Hill Police Department
Rock Hill, SC, 29730

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$ 150.00