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Advanced Undercover Operations & Rescue-CLASS IS FULL-NEXT CLASS 5/18 -5/19

Monday, Mar 2, 2020
– Tuesday, Mar 3, 2020

8:30am – 5:00pm

This intense two day course is designed for Detectives, Narcotics Investigators, Tactical Operators and Officers, as well as Supervisors involved in undercover operations and investigations. Course highlights include:  Types of UC Operations, Identify pitfalls for undercover officers, Operational Planning for Supervisors, UC Mindset and Mental Preparedness, Establishing Backgrounds/Cover Stories, Successfully supervise undercover officers, Handling Confidential Sources, Surveillance Methods/Cover Teams, Undercover Robberies and Assaults, Evidence Management, Testifying in Court/Depositions, Making Prosecutable cases while minimizing risk, Safely plan and conduct an undercover investigation using advanced techniques, Use of verbal commands and communication during UC vehicle rescue, UC rescue from inside and outside of vehicle, Rescue team approach to UC vehicle, UC rescue priorities, Rescue team members areas of responsibility outside and inside vehicle, Positioning of responding team members, Use of vehicle for ballistic cover, Handgun and rifle ballistics through vehicles, Threat priorities as pertaining to vehicles and suspects, Safe handling of UC and medical assessment after rescue, Discuss prior lessons learned by law enforcement during UC vehicle rescue operations.

Event Location

Sarasota County Sheriff\’s Office
Sarasota, Florida, 34232

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$ 329.00